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The Mobile Clubhouse




Fatigue, is one of the greatest factors in both careless and unsuccessful hunting.


Falling asleep on your watch or even worse, being so tired your eyes & mind start playing tricks on you, sticks, stumps & shadows start looking like animals, all contribute to coming home empty handed as well as putting you & your party at risk.


Each morning having to travel from camp, for miles, to get to your favorite hunting spot only to find someone from another hunting party has beaten you to it, is not a pleasant way to start your hunt.


Each morning having to travel from camp, for miles in a heated vehicle coming into your favorite area with lights glaring, engine roaring and stuff rattling around just doesn’t seem like a great place to start for me.


NOW, waking up in comfort just minutes/steps away from your stand and approaching in silence is, one of the most relaxing and rewarding things you can do.


A Mobile Clubhouse will be…

…Roomier than a big walled tent.

…Able to accommodate your group.


…Easily assembled & disassembled.

…And rugged enough to follow your Pick-up or SUV down forest access roads & cart paths.


As we mentioned in the "Our Story" page, what was originally a project for our personal use, became something we believe has potential, if limited, marketability. To be fair, we got the idea from plans I saw online for the Camp Comfort™ towable cabin. Originally designed and built for a group of 9 hunters on an 8 day Moose hunt in Northern Ontario. Field tried, tested, and marketed for over 10 years - the need for prospector tents and lean-to’s is over.


But we can take it further!


1st, we felt that the trailer frame design was inadequate, so we redesigned it using design models from professional trailer manufactures & engineers.


And 2nd, because of the versatility of this platform, we have plans to implement a multitude of options that the original designers didn't offer.


In "Clubhouse Mode" a Mobile Clubhouse provides you with:

• A 15 foot by 21 foot clubhouse, able to accommodate up to 12 adults comfortably (315 sq.ft.).

• The comfort of a raised interlocked platform floor, sitting 24-26 inches off of the ground, which helps in keeping campers, their gear & their groceries high, dry, & away from critters & vermin.

• 6½ foot high, framed, exterior walls for ample headroom & easier movement within the clubhouse.

• Roof panels that interlock & overlap to give a structured roof.

• Solid, pitched roof that allows water to run off without collecting over your head.

• An actual solid working door that can be locked.

• Actual windows that help light the clubhouse during the day & eliminate the “cave” effect.

• Simple venting design to help exhaust cooking fumes & moisture as well as odors.

• Solid construction means:

– Insulation from all types of weather.

– Safety from extreme weather & accidents.

– Security & comfort.

– The use of every square inch of the camp.

– No more condensation or sweating on interior surfaces.

– No more leaks.

– Clothes & gear can be hung up from the trusses or on the walls.

– Firm level floor.

– Stable bunks, chairs & tables.

– Easy to heat/cool.

– Easy to light.


In the "Mobile Stage" a Mobile Clubhouse provides you with:

• A self contained folding camp on wheels, which contains the entire clubhouse with bunks, table & counter top & other options.

• A heavy duty frame, dual axle trailer, tough enough to be taken into remote locations & carry extra weight.

• dual wheels & breaking system, to make this 7 foot wide by 21 foot trailer (tongue to tail) easy to pull & easy to stop.

• Full-sized wheels & raised axles so it can easily be towed down cart tracks with more road clearance than the tow vehicle (will not get hung up).

• 6 foot wheelbase gives it stability & a lower center of gravity making it very resistant to roll-overs.

• 21 foot overall trailer length, 6 feet of extra storage room on the tongue, for additional gear, spare tire & propane tanks.

• Built-in load stops to prevent a forward shift of the camp during quick stops.

• Built-in stake pockets to stop shifts in camp components while in transport.


If you made up your mind, & you just have to have one, or if you are interested in being a beta tester of a prototype unit, contact us for information special pricing!


Still not convinced?

Common Problems with Tents & Other Options

Solution with a Mobile Clubhouse

Uneven ground & floor.

The floor is a framed & smooth, & the platform is leveled during camp assembly.

No more uneven floors!

No more dirt & sand!

No more vinyl ground sheets!

Sagging roof.

The roof is solid with a good pitch which holds up to rain, snow & wind, & keeps the poly tarp rigid for better weather proofing.

Drafty, wet, cold & hard to heat in cold weather.

Fully insulated walls & floor make it easy to heat & maintain temperatures. Completely weather stripped & sealed to eliminate drafts. 

Hot & stuffy when its warm, even mild outside.

You can use a wood burning stove, or propane heater(s). Using a reflective poly cover can reflect the heat, or add the optional A/C unit for desert campers.

Hard to find and/or expensive repair materials.

Built from common building materials which eliminates the need to search for, or the expense of, special items & materials.

Materials can easily be substitute or upgraded if desired.

Rough weather causes rips & tears which requires repair.

Solid & sturdy construction, field tested to stand up to adverse weather conditions. Provides piece of mind & security.

A flap for a door.

Solid hinged exterior door. Add a dead bolt lock & now your gear is secure during the hours you are away from camp hunting.

(Securing this flap against weather & theft was impossible.)

Weather stripped & latched, it stands against weather just like home.

Continual season to season repairs, patching & modification.

Very Low maintenance. Annual maintenance is minimal, yet it will last for years. The original unit required no repairs or maintenance, other than wheel greasing, in 10 years.

Gear gets wet from ground water & flooding during heavy rain.

The clubhouse sits 24-26 inches off the ground keeps campers, their gear & groceries high & dry.

Continually having to stoop & duck our heads.

6½ foot wall height! Plenty of head room allows occupants to move around upright.

Condensation, sweating & moisture penetration running down tent walls, soaking anything that contacts the wall.

Solid wall construction with thermal break. No way for walls to sweat or allow any rain penetration.

Lack of storage area.

Roof truss construction allows for overhead storage of personal gear. Using a piece of rope, string or a pole between trusses gives you a instant clothes hanger.

Too much personal gear required just to sleep well.

Solid walls allow for more storage. You can hang temporary fixtures from a shelf, install a gun rack, or just a simple nail to hang your hat.

Optional bunks are solid, & allow for storage room under the bunks. And again, adding a piece of rope, string or a pole between the bunks, gives more hanging capacity. These bucks eliminate the need for personal ground sheets, heavy or multiple sleeping bags & thermal mattresses, & the need for personal camp cots that take up twice the space & sag. The bunks provide better back support.

Not enough room for family or friends to play cards or games inside.

315 square feet! More than enough room to bring the "big" table inside & everybody sit around it too.